Temby Professional - 'BV' Vintage Trumpet

The Temby Vintage Trumpet is the horn of choice of trumpet heavy weights like Paul Thorne (SYD) Eric Bolvin (USA) and many others, and now, as a fitting tribute to Bob Venier, our latest incarnation of this trumpet model is named after him.This trumpet suits the player looking for a slightly darker sound than the Temby lacquered pro trumpet, but still requiring loads of core to the tone, volume and reliability. Features a harmonically resonant, colourful and rounder sound. This trumpet model is perfect to help you achieve a beautiful lyrical sound and is versatile enough to cut through a big band when required. The latest release features beautiful dark mother of pearl valve tops (buttons), two tuning slides Traditional "D shape" and also new "Rounded Profile" for two completely different airflow, sound and centering results. 

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