Trumpet Repair

Does your Trumpet smell? Has it been dis-assembled and cleaned recently? Broken stays, or jammed slides? Then it's repair time. At PLAY we can get your horn back to it's best playable condition. Soldering, slide alignment and valve alignment can easily be performed for you. We can re-plate silver on your mouthpiece or remove dents. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Service Procedures 

You instrument will be disassembled. Any jammed slides will be charged per slide. Occasionally a slide will need to be unsoldered to enable it to be freed. This will incur an extra cost. Any re-soldering will be performed and charged per solder point. The complete instrument will be acid dipped to remove any calcification within the tubing. The parts are then neutralised to remove acid residue. We then place the instrument in an ultrasonic bath to microscopically clean the parts. Dried, lubricated, aligned and assembled, your horn will be returned to you feeling more free blowing and performing better than new.   

Standard Service - $150

Jammed Slide - $25

Re-solder - $30 per point

Replacement Spit Valve Cork - $15

Plating and Lacquering - Quoted on inspection

Valve Alignment - $200 

N.B. The Ultrasonic bath is a physical cleaning procedure. In rare instances it can remove lacquer or silver plate. PLAY will use all care and caution while your instrument is being serviced but no responsibility is accepted to any damage to an instruments finish. If you do not wish to have this procedure performed on your instrument, please advise us when you are booking in.