Trombone Repair

Trombones are the simplest of instrument designs. With between 2 and 5 moveable parts, they should be simple to look after. BUT, the Trombone slide is one of the most delicate of instrument mechanisms. One small bump on the music stand and the whole instrument can become unplayable. At PLAY, we can get your slide to "run as smooth as butter". Once we see your 'bone, we can assess the condition and quote you on what needs doing.

Standard Service

A standard service will involve dismantling your instrument. We will acid dip all parts to remove calcification inside the tubing. The parts are then neutralised from the acid cleaning. Minor dents are removed and any tubing re-rounded if required. In extreme cases on very dirty slides with a lot of calcification, we can hone the bore of the outer slide and polish it to bring to a mirror finish. Re-soldering will be charged per point. If you have a rotor/valve, the components are microscopically cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. Once all parts are cleaned, the inner and outer slide will be inspected for straightness, alignment and twisting. All adjustments are made, and the 'bone is re-assembled and tested for playability. If you have a rotor/valve, this will be aligned for correct range of travel. Any excessive dent work will be quoted after inspection. 

Tenor 'Bone - $170

Bb/F 'Bone - $220  

Hone and polish bore of outer slide - $75

Re-Solder point - $30

Jammed Slide - $25

Replacement Spit Valve Cork - $15