Saxophone Repair

PLAY Wind & Brass offers the most professional repair services in Sydney for saxophones. Student to professional instruments, vintage and modern. You are able to spend time with out technicians to get your sax set up to how you want it. We can work on the instruments intonation, key heights, spring tension and response and any other custom requirement you may have. 

N.B. Due to poor build quality on some Chinese instruments, we are not always able to repair these saxophones to a satisfactory playable condition and will not undertake repair work on them. Unfortunately, after too many problems trying to help out customers who purchased these saxes we are no longer accepting them for repair. 


Quick Repairs 

All small jobs will be quoted once we have seen the sax. We never charge for turning a screw. If it requires a little bit more, we have a $35 charge. We will try to do all small repairs on the spot but during busy periods this may not be possible. 

Neck re-corks - $35 Done on the spot, just bring the neck and mouthpiece


Standard Services

We recommend a standard service once a year to keep your sax in top shape. With this service your sax is cleaned as much as possible without dis-assembly. Missing corks or felts are replaced, key work straightened and aligned and minor dents removed. The neck tenon is checked and adjusted if needed and minor re-soldering done if required. Pads are tested for a good seal and adjusted as necessary. Key work is regulated and spring tensions adjusted and balanced. The key work is lubricated and the instrument play tested. If you need some new pads, we will include up to 3 replacements with this service. Any extra pads are charged at $30 plus the pad.

Alto & Tenor - $285

Baritone & Soprano - $315


Full Service

If your sax is played regularly, you are a "wet" player or there is a lot of gunk and verdigris build up on the body, you will require a Full Service. With this level of servicing you will get all of the features of our Standard Service with the addition of a complete dis-assembly of your sax, the body will be acid dipped to remove calcium deposits and verdigris then neutralised and washed, key work is hand polished (this is a cleaning process, not a buffing process to increase shine), all the springs are cleaned and oiled, old lubricants are removed from the key work, then the sax is rebuilt and all the features from our Standard Service are performed. 

Alto & Tenor - $375

Baritone & Soprano - $415



If you sax is under 10 years old and the pads have done their job, we can replace all the pads on your instrument. Re-pads are not going to be possible on old horns as there is way too much mechanical wear on the key work.

Soprano, Alto & Tenor - $700 + pads

Baritone - $850 + pads



Older and well used horns require an overhaul form time to time. This is a full mechanical rejuvenation of the instruments key work as well as replacement of all pads, corks and felts. Soldering, dent work and re-springing can all be carried out. We will precision level your tone hole tops to ensure a good air tight seat with the pad. After countless hours of playing and the odd bump here or there, a sax body will alter shape slightly and the tone holes will not be level. Levelling the tone hole is essential. The process we use is the most sympathetic to the integrity of your sax, we don't just file them down! We are able fabricate replacement parts for discontinued models of saxes, or know where to find NOS parts. We specialise in correcting years of poor repair work. This is most commonly seen on vintage American saxes where key work was simply bent to make it work, instead of aligning keys correctly. New key rods for a 1938 Conn 6M??? No problem!! We will fabricate for them for you. The prices below are a rough guide only. Each overhaul will be assessed individually by one of our techs and accurately quoted so there are no surprises when you come in to collect.   

Soprano, Alto & Tenor - from $1000 + pads

Baritone - from $1200 + pads