Flute Repair

PLAY Wind & Brass offer professional Flute repair. From the most basic adjustment, through to complete overhauls and restorations. We work on both student and professional instruments. All our work is carried out to the highest standard and backed by our 90 day repair warranty. We always try to fit in small adjustments on the spot, and generally can turn your Flute service around in under a week. Give us a call to find out more. 


General Service 

Firstly we carry out any minor body work. Dents are removed, tenons re-rounded and adjusted to fit correctly. Small soldering repairs are also done. Any missing corks/felts will be replaced (max. 4). We will test each pad to see if there is any air leaking, then adjust the pad/cup to seal the leak. The key work will be regulated. This is adjusting the mechanism to ensure that when two or more keys work together, they close at the same time without any double action. The Flute will be hand polished, the mechanism will be oiled, head cork replaced if required, and play tested. Any major dents or creases will be assessed and quoted once the instrument has been inspected. 

Closed hole Student Flute - $225

Open Hole Intermediate of Professional Flute - $325


Full Service

All of the above processes are carried out, with the addition of a complete disassembly of the key work. The body, head and foot joints are first acid dipped, neutralised and then chemically polished. The key work is hand polished. 

Student Flute - $345

Intermediate or Professional Flute - $425



Once an instruments pads have become unserviceable, they will need to be replaced. We carry out all of the processes in the full service, and replace all of the pads in the process.  

Intermediate or Professional Flute - $800 + pads



Overhauling a Flute is a full mechanical restoration of the key work, as well as replacing all pads, felts and corks. Every little detail will be looked at. We will return the instrument to a "better than new" condition. 

Intermediate or Professional Flute - $1300 + pads