Clarinet Repair

PLAY Wind & Brass will keep your Clarinet in top performing condition with regular servicing. If you are having trouble playing over the break, joints are tight being assembled or hard to seperate after playing, keys not working correctly.....we can help with all these common problems. We are able to do small jobs on the spot and if it is a bigger job, aim to turn around your instrument around within a few days. Re-pads and overhauls are all carried out swiftly and professionally. 


General Service

We will inspect your instrument, clean as much as possible without dis-assembly, replace any missing bumper corks or felts, replace 1 tenon cork if needed, replace up to 3 pads, adjust your pads for a good seal, regulate key work, adjust spring tension if needed, lubricate and play test. Wooden instrument have the bore and tenons oiled, please advise us if there are nut allergies as we use Sweet Almond Oil

Plastic Body - $150

Wooden Body - $180

Bass Clarinet - from $250

Tenon Re-cork - $30

Extra Pad Replacement - $25 + pad 


Full Service

All of the features of the General Service with the addition of a complete strip down and clean of the body and the key work is hand polished. Wooden instruments have the body oiled. 

Plastic Body - $230

Wooden Body - $300

Bass Clarinet - $400



All clarinets will require re-padding. It is an unavoidable fact. The more you play, the sooner you will need to have this done. The good news is that we can turn your Clarinet around in a week with brand new pads. We use the highest quality leather pads, unless cork or another material is requested. Our pads are the same as used in the top Buffet instruments. Because of the cost, we do not offer re-padding to plastic body instruments, but if it is a family heirloom........

Bb & Eb - $650

Alto - $1000

Bass to Eb - $1200

Bass to C - $1400


Overhaul & Restoration

Overhauls and restorations are quoted on a job by job basis. Please come in to discus your requirements and get your favorite instrument back to a "like new" condition